Week 12 – Device Effects

 My last focus for this week was to develop an effect for when the device that transports the player from one dimension to another is used.

      For this I went through three tries before getting it as desired, after feedback from my teammates. The effect of the aura was achieved by rotating the cone emission to be vertical and the angle to be 0 with a radius of 1 and the length was adjusted to obtain a desired effect. There is only one version, as the effect was updated with each itineration.

While the first attempt did have a good area of effect, the effect itself was a bit too green. I went and tried a blue effect with a smoke material, however I did get feedback afterwards that, while the color was good, it did felt more magical than technological. As such I went ahead and did a flare material with the standard particle texture, to obtain a look closer to what the project leader wanted.

Device Effect Version 1

Device Effect Version 2

Device Effect Version 3



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