Week 1 – Mechanics List

This is the asset produced during this first week of the project. It is a list of the mechanics that I took from the GDD blog of the Mirror Men, after discussing with the project leader.


The mechanics are:

1. Basic Movement – Look at:

-> https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/2-5d-platformer-moving-left-right-camera-qs.176198/

2. Combat – Look at:

-> http://www.unityfreeassets.com/unity-3d-zombie-shooter-2-5d-side-scrolling-platformer-tutorial/

3. Stealth – Look at:

-> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX2vGYjWbI0QGyfO8PKY1pC8xcRb0X-nP

After putting the mechanics that would be into the game, I started looking in different places to find them. The main places to look at were some Youtube tutorials as well as the main website of Unity and its forums.

Most of the mechanics that are needed for the game, can be found in the 2.5D tutorial for a zombie shooter game. As such, my code will be mainly adapted from this tutorial.


4. Interaction

5. Enemies

6. Skills

7. HUD




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