Week 10

This week was another step in my process of coding. As mentioned before, I will start from scratch when coding, beginning with a movement script.

For this I am looking to implement movement using the Translate function, which allows movement of the object without using the RigidBody, therefore it will not need to use physics, as the last movement code did.

I am also looking into making the player change speeds at the press of different buttons as to allow sneak and run modifiers.

Another thing that I am aiming to do is implement a side switch, in order for the player to face the direction that was last pressed.

While the first script did manage to make the mechanics work, they were somewhat buggy, not keeping the player facing the last direction they went in and not returning the speed to the original speed. The second script just reduced everything to the core to allow the player to move on the forward – backwards axis and switch direction accordingly.


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