Week 4

The week with number 4 was dedicated to the improvement of other aspects of the game. One of the most important upgrades, that represented the point of focus for this week represents a dynamic camera which follows the player/target around.

I went along with the tutorial and observed that the camera has the exact construction we were looking after for our project.

The camera is set up at the position and angle desired to be kept at. In order to maintain its position, the camera is put up to get its target transform position, then it gets the difference between itself and the object. After it changes the values between the target and the camera: the camera will always get to the last position of its target. Therefore it will update at a certain period of time, as to not be changed instantly, giving an unwanted effect.

  The script for this is already at a level necessary for the demo, however, if it is decided that a modification that would need to change the code will appear, I will adjust it.


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