Week 3

During this week I will continue to work on the code. At the suggestion of my tutor, I decided to keep the code registered under versions. This will allow seeing what has been modified from the previous version.

I decided to interupt the jumping code, for now, as it was not properly implemented, as the way I did it, by adding velocity to the RigidBody on the y-axis would make it go up continuously. Another change made is the creation of a sneak/walking variable, which I connected to the RigidBody, changing speeds when the Shift Button is pressed.

I also started working on the jumping feature on this week. The result was version 3 (0.3) of the code. The modification on this version consists of the adding of a sphere gizmo, which is used to detect if the layer that the player is interacting with is the one classified as ground. If it turns out that it is true and the jump button is pressed, a force will be added to the RigidBody on the Y-axis, resulting in the jump action.

To summarise this week: I added the variables of sneak/walking and implemented the changing of speeds. Besides this, I redid the jump action and made it work as it should.



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