Week 0

This week was reserved to the initiation in the second semester.

      The main target was to come up, by the end of the semester with working prototypes, with levels that demonstrate the features of the games that we were chosen to work on.

     We were also introduced into the SCRUM agile development process, to familiarise us with the current procedures in the working environment.

     The SCRUM represents the development process based on short sprint periods, during which people develop the targets chosen for the respective timeline. The development process has also as a base the fact that there is no specialised role in the development team, and as such everybody contributes with whatever skills they have.

In the team I am part of after we decided how to divide each part, I offered to work in the programming department part. If there is any other way that I can give advice, or even help I will not hesitate to do so.

Taking all the points presented above into consideration, in the introduction week we learned what to expect from the second semester of the middle year of university, what process can we use to develop our game as efficient and as fast as possible and what will our project involve.



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