Week 1

During the meeting of the first week, we decided what each of us should do. My colleagues are to complete the following tasks: Connor will mainly work on level design, Milosz on character creation, while George is looking to develop different assets.

For this week I researched how I will bring forward the mechanics, through programming.

In order to do that, I went through Connors GDD as to get the main mechanics that he designed for the game.

After an analysis of his blog, I made myself a list as to keep in check what scripts need to be created to power the game.

We decided to use Unity as the engine of choice for the game, as we already used it in the past for the previous projects,  giving us the already known fundation for our current strategy. Coding wise, the C++ language used by the engine seems a better choice to work with, as it is easier to learn, from my point of view, and it is also a bonus that most of the questions answered on the forums are also in this language.

The list that I made as a guideline will have its own post on the Development Personal Assets page.

As a summary, this week I focused on finding the mechanics that needed to be coded as well as researching on how to do that working in colaboration with my colleagues.


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